All of our quality equipment is calibrated annually in accordance with ISO/TS requirements to insure accurate layout inspections, PPAP’s, CPk, and PPk evaluations.

We have the capability to check parts in abstract to 3D CAD models when part drawings are not available.

Our Quality Lab Includes the Following:

  • 2 CMMs with PC DMIS software
  • Microscopic analysis equipment
  • X-Ray equipment
  • Optical Comparator
  • Spectrometer

Quality Lab

All castings are X-Rayed at the beginning and during each run to ensure control of porosity.

Machined parts are inspected with CMM equipment. All die castings are delivered with a material certification and inspection report or in accordance with customer requirements.

Valve Body Shot Trace

Each die cast machine has its own shot trace equipment which is utilized to verify consistent process quality.